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CrossleyTP set out to reimagine our local streets and neighbourhoods as part of the Public Space Design Competition.

We considered state and local strategies and place goals and started to generate ideas to deliver the visions on the street level. 

Our ideas included:

  • Introducing a dual function and purpose to Liverpool’s commuter car park that seen it transform into a weekly night market.  This idea draws downs from the Council’s goal to improve and nurture a night-time economy.
  • De-tuning the movement function of a strip shopping mall to enable place activity to thrive and provide additional quality public realm that is lacking in the local centre. 
  • Reimaging Wentworth Park which involved creating footways along existing desire lines which also acted to form new areas in the park that could be allocated to key activities to attract visitors, enhance community health, and improve natural surveillance.

Our idea to convert Liverpool’s commuter car park into a night market made it into the Top 100 of the ‘Best Public Space Ideas’, making the cut from more than 5000 entries. These entries demonstrate our passion for people, placemaking, and challenging traditional thinking about public spaces.

Re-imagining Liverpool’s commuter carpark
Re-imagining Jannali

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