ESC Healthy Streets Place-based Appraisals

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ESC Healthy Streets Place-based Appraisals





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Our team has been commissioned to complete placed-based assessments of various proposed projects at The Grand Parade, Bondi Road, Hume Highway (Yagoona) and their proposed works.

Transport for NSW Directorate has an expectation that projects are developed from a place-based perspective. This is requiring Project Teams to provide evidence which demonstrates how they have considered the potential place impacts and benefits associated with option selection and design development.

Our team has helped Project Teams to demonstrate this by undertaking Healthy Streets assessments of their proposals. This involves employing the Healthy Streets Check for Designers tool, which provides an evidence-based and quantifiable approach to evaluating design options and their place impacts. Our team have also provided further support to the Project Teams by identifying additional opportunities and recommendations to improve the outcomes for place at each site.

Our team have developed visual dashboards to provide an easy-to-understand overview of these outcomes. This has helped to frame proposals in non-technical language to support multi-disciplinary buy-in and support public consultation.

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