Standardising Vehicle Movement and Traffic Control Plans

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Standardising Vehicle Movement and Traffic Control Plans





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Our team was commissioned by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to standardise Vehicle Movement Plans (VMP) and Traffic Control Plans (TCP).

The management and operation of the sites have either transitioned or are due to transition to the NHVR, and this has created a need for National Standard Templates which comply with the recently published national Safety and Vehicle Management Manual and the Heavy Vehicle Intercepts Site Management Regulatory Standards.

The existing plans have been produced in different styles and software packages which vary in readability. These plans have issues in both consistency and in visualising the information to communicate how to set up the site, and what the site should look like when operating heavy vehicle checks and inspections.

Our team developed a standardised template for the VMP and applied the template to create compliant and legible plans. The plans had to be legible by site officers using iPads, termed the “iPad Test”.

Our team also provided policy recommendations for inclusion in an updated Safety and Compliance Vehicle Management Manual.

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